Sportsmen's Association of Greensburg

The Sportsmans Association of Greensburg was established in 1955 and has a long history of providing the sportsmen of Westmoreland county with a place to enjoy nature and the activities they love.  The club owns over 300 hundred acres of land and is a designated PA Regulated Shooting area.  Pheasants are stocked on the grounds from October till March annually.  A hunting schedule is provided so that all members can enjoy the sport.  

  • A 3 acre pond is onsite providing fishing year round.  The pond is stocked annually with trout and several fishing derbies are held throught the year, for both youth and adults.

  • Rifle ranges include a covered 100 yd and 500 yd range.  Multiple competitions are held on the ranges throughout the year.

  • Pistol range provides a separate area to enjoy the sport of pistol shooting.

  • Archery range and course are located on the property.

  • A covered picnic pavilion affords members the opportunity to bring family for some outdoor fun and also act as a summer membership meeting place.

  • Trapshooting, Skeet shooting and Sporting Clay shooting are in close proximity on the property and are open weekly for clay bird shooting fun and competition.


 2020 Officers

​​ President                            Dave Coecchia 724-837-2320

 Vice-President                   John Pipak 724-771-5262

 Financial Secretary            Mel Scarpaci 724-396-2169

 Treasurer                             Monty Mahoney 724-691-0760

 Recording Secretary          George Mizikar  724-423-2198

 Trustee                                 Tim Scott 724-423-7006

 Trustee                                 George Tallant 724-423-6414

 Trustee                                 Todd Morris 724-433-5587

 Trustee                                 Gary Balog

 Trustee                                  Mike Billik

 Sergeant at Arms                 Bruce Shopsky