Chairman: John Pipak

Co-Chair:  George Talant

 2020 Land and Maintenance Projects

Paint gable end on skeet high house.
Paint Farm house porch.
Finish painting on lake bldg..
Prep and paint piping at the gas well
Prep and paint gas piping at Farmhouse and    club house.
Check roof  on Maint bldg’
Check and tighten roof on Pavilion.
Repair roof on lake pavilion.
Replace valves and water pit at pavilion restrooms.
Set pole for lights at pen area.
Trim trails to keep open.
Work on road up the hill to gas well.
Install posts and cable on sportsmen’s Road
Install post and gate Brinker Rd.

This list is fluid and will change as the need arises.

Please let us know if you want to work on any of these projects so materials can be supplied.
Of course there is always mowing and trimming to do.
John Pipak 724 771 5262

Sportsmen's Association of Greensburg