MEMBERSHIP: ​Chairman: Sam Krautz IV and Jim Panachella

Sportsmen's Association of Greensburg

Membership Information:

SAG is a limited membership organization with approx 150 active members and 50 life members. Applicants need a member to sponsor them in order to submit an application as a new member.   To qualify for life membership, an active member has to have 20 years in the organization and be over 55 years of age.  

Current annual dues are $160

Initiation fee for new members is $175 

Fee for keys to club gates: $20

Work hours (16)  and  meeting attendance (6) are required annually.

As of Jan 2020, there is a waiting list of approx 2 years.  New members are accepted annually in January as memberships open after the calendar year ends.

Please attend any of our events open to the public and ask about membership to obtain a sponsor.